2012 Lecture Series: Spotlight on Streetscapes
Sally Blake Hooff: Princetown and Malpeque Streetscapes
Ian Scott: The Relationship between the Natural and Built Environment
Faye Pound: Summer Street, Summerside: Streetscape of an Emerging Town
Josh Silver: Heritage Retrofit Carpentry Program at Holland College

2011 Charlottetown Lecture Series: Queen’s Square, Charlottetown: Public Architecture and Landscape
Reg Porter: “The Concept of a Planned Square”
Jack Whytock: “Dimitri Dimakopoulos and the Architectural Style of the Confederation Centre of the Arts”
James MacNutt: “Province House, Inside and Out”
Linda Berko and Catherine Hennessey: “Cenotaphs and Monuments”

2011 Montague and Summerside
Jack Whytock: “Scottish Church Architecture on the Island and the Rev. Donald MacDonald”
Judy MacDonald: “A Love Affair with the Barachois Inn”

2011 Charlottetown Fundraiser Lecture Evening
James MacNutt: “A Taste of Ukraine”

2010 Montague and Rustico
Dr. Jack C. Whytock, “Montague and the National Dominion Architectural Style of Thomas Fuller”
James Macnutt, “A Survey of Island heritage Interiors: Doors, Windows, Cabinetry, Stairs and Cornices”

2010 Charlottetown Lecture Series
George Arsenault, “Architectural Streetscape of an Acadian Village”
Joe McAskill, coordinator for the panel subject, “Taking Care of the
Interior Finishes”
Ian Scott, “Architects and Their Homes”
Reg Porter, “Fanningbank Revisited-Inside and Out”

2009 Montague and Rustico
Dr. Jack C. Whytock, “Gables Here and There”
James Macnutt, “A Survey of Island Heritage Interiors: An Introduction to Styles”

2009 Theme: Inside and Out: Island Interiors and Heritage Landscapes –
James MacNutt, “A Survey of Island Interiors”
Dr. Jack C. Whytock, “John Marshall Hunter and the Moonlight Years,
Paul Coles and Raeford Waite, “Cladding, Windows and Mouldings: A
Workshop for Heritage Houses”
Sally Hooff, “PEI Barns and Landscape Architecture”

2008 Theme: The Architecture of Anne’s Land Charlottetown, Summerside and Cavendish:
James MacNutt, “The Romance of Gables”
Philip Jefferson, “The Architecture of Anne’s Land: Place, Memory and the Iconography of Community.”
Rev. Albin Arsenault, “The Restoration of St. John the Baptist Parish Church, Miscouche”
Fred Hyndman and Canon Robert Tuck, “Bobby Cotton and Bungalows: Economic Architecture”
Dr. Jack C. Whytock, “John Marshall Hunter: His Glaswegian Architectural Roots” (Revised)
Dr. Jack C. Whytock, “John Marshall Hunter: Inside His Island Houses”

2007 Theme: Speakers’ Choice
James MacNutt, “Charles B. Chappell: First Architect of the Modern Era”
Canon Robert Tuck, “The Streetscape of West Street”
Philip Jefferson, “Rendering Arcadia: the Influence of the Picturesque on the Architectural Landscape of Prince Edward Island”
Dr. C. W. J. Eliot, “The Saving of Fanningbank and the Welcome of the Prince”
Dr. Jack C. Whytock, “John Marshall Hunter: His Glaswegian Architectural Roots”

2006 Theme: Influence From Away
Reginald Porter, “The Establishment of French Colonial Architectural Styles in Ile Saint Jean”
James MacNutt, “The Influence of Colonial Revival in America on the Architectural Designs of Sterling Blanchard”
Dr. C. W. J. Eliot, “The Posthumous Influence of Henry Hobson Richardson on the Building of Paton House at 241 Prince Street”
Canon Robert Tuck

2005 Theme: Island Church Architecture
Father Blair Bernard, “St. Dunstan’s Basilica”
Reginald Porter, “When Peter McIntyre Was Bishop”
Reginald Porter and Dr. C. W. J. Eliot, “Four Eccentric Churches”
Canon Robert Tuck, “First and Second Generation Anglican Churches”

a.) Theme: Churches – Mostly Catholic
Reginald Porter, “Three Early Churches”
Reginald Porter, “St. Simon and St. Jude, Tignish”
Canon Robert Tuck, “Fort Augustus Church, Indian River Church, Grand River Church and Kinkora Church”
b.) Theme: Without an Obvious Theme
Dr. C. W. J. Eliot, “Guardhouse at Fanningbank”
Dr. C. W. J. Eliot, “Greek Revival”
Canon Robert Tuck, “Catholic Churches by Harris”

2003 Theme: The Architectural Heritage of PEI [Details not available]

2002 Theme: Understanding Island Architecture
Reginald Porter, “Andrew Jackson Downing and the Origin of Rural Romantic Architecture on PEI”
Maurice Roy, “40-42 Hillsborough Street, Its History and Conservation”
Allan Rankin, “The Conservation of the Lefurgey Properties in Summerside”
Canon Robert Tuck, “The Building and Decoration of a National Historic Monument – All Souls Chapel”

2001 Theme: Architectural Heritage
Reginald. Porter, “Planned Gardens of the Victorian Period”
Dr. C. W. J. Eliot, “Isaac Smith at Fanningbank” or “Isaac Smith and the Building of Province House”
Canon Robert Tuck, “Jimmy Harris”
Faye Pound, “Heritage Houses of Summerside”
Annual Meeting Special Speaker: Kevin Murphy, “Adaptation of Heritage Buildings for Modern Economic Use”

2000 Theme: Understanding Island Architecture Through the Architects
Reginald Porter, “John Plaw”
Dr. C. W. J. Eliot, “Isaac Smith”
Canon Robert Tuck, “William Critchlow Harris”
James MacNutt, “E. Stirling Blanchard and the Georgian Style Revisited”
Annual Meeting Special Speaker: William B. Hockey, “Historic Buildings: Identifying Merit”


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